• Threading

    Threading is a safe, simple, fast and effective method of hair removal. It removes facial hair quickly and effectively without damaging the skin. Threading also helps to give perfect shape to eye brows as it allows the flexibility of removing just one or few hair at a time unlike waxing.

    Shalini is an expert in this art as she has been doing this for over 20 years.

    EyeBrows $10
    Upper Lip / Lower Lip / Forehead / Chin $3 each
    Neck $5
    Full Face (Without Neck) $25
    Full Face (With Neck) $30
  • Waxing

    We offer both Regular and in-house made aroma waxing for the following areas.

    EyeBrows $10
    Upper Lip / Lower Lip / Neck / Chin $5 each
    Sideburns / Neck $15 / $5
    Under Arms / Half Arms $20
    Full Arms / Half Legs $25
    Full Legs $35 & Up
    Stomach $25 & Up
    Bikini Wax $30
    Full Front/ Full Back $30
    Brazilian Wax $50
    Full Body

    (This includes Full Arms & Legs, Under Arms, Stomach, Back and Brazilian Wax)



Skin Care

  • Herbal Facials

    These facials involve cleansing, steaming and massaging using various herbal creams & masks, which are proven to give excellent results. They're the best option for normal skin that isn't prone to acne. The difference between these facials and a clean up is that the skin is massaged for a longer period of time in a facial.

    These are the facials that our clients usually get done on regular basis.

    Any of these below facials can be combined with a Back Facial for an additional $30.

    Mini Facial $35
    Regular Facial $50
    All BIOTIQUE Facials $50 (45 Mins)
    Gel Facial $60
    Apricot Facial $80
  • ShahnazFacials

    Shahnaz Husain is a pioneer and the undisputed innovator of many great herbal care products. Shahnaz Hussain's group of products won numerous national and international awards and proven to be of providing wonderful results on all types of skins.

    We offer wide variety of Shahnaz's Herbal and Metallic facials

    Shalini has mastered at Shahnaz's facial techniques directly at Shahnaz Hussain Studios, New Delhi.

    Any of these below facials can be combined with a Back Facial for an additional $30.

    Shahnaz PLATINUM Facial $65
    Shahnaz Thermo herb Facial $65
    Shahnaz DIAMOND Facial $60
    Shahnaz GOLD Facial $60
    Shahnaz Chocolate Facial $60
    Shahnaz PEARL Facial $55
    Shahnaz OXYGEN Facial $55
    Shahnaz Veg Peel Facial $55
    Shahnaz Regular Facial $50
  • Aroma Therapy Facials

    Aromatherapy with Gold Facial $75
    From ancient times Gold is known for its purity and vitality. Being one of the softest metals, it is easily absorbed by the skin. Our special Aromatherapy Gold Facial uses the power of essential oils and the goodness of gold to make the skin soft, young, fair and beautiful.
    Only Back Massage with Aroma Oils (30 Minutes) $30
  • Advanced Facials

    24-Karat Gold Leaf Facial $100
    The flakes of highest quality 24-karat gold leaves are laid on the face, before being massaged in. The procedure will result in firmer, brighter and more supple skin.

    The treatment's use of the metal follows a strong historical tradition. It is said that Cleopatra slept in a gold mask every night, and Chinese empresses supposedly used gold rollers to massage their faces.
    Glycolic Peel with Oxyzen Facial $100
    Best facial for oily skin or Skin with open pores or scars
    Lactic Acid Facial $100
    Best for dry,dull or pigmented skin
    Facial Warts/Skin Tags/Milia Removal $10 Small/$15 Big (each)
    Galvanic Facial $60(For One Sitting)
    Using our advanced galvanic unit which releases current in a preset flow to introduce water-soluble substances through the skin. It heightens the skin's capacity to absorb and improves the penetration of the products. The treatment of specific problems becomes easier. This benefits dry, dehydrated skins, improving moisture retention. It also helps remove congestion.
    Hi-Frequency Facial $60(For One Sitting)
    Our advanced Hi-Frequency machine emits ozone and argon gas to heal, purify and dry skin. It also has a germicidal effect on the skin. This is an excellent add-on treatment for congested, acne skin conditions and for occasional break-outs.
    European Facial $60
    Glycolic Peels $150(6 Sittings)   $35(For One Sitting)
  • Bleach & Face Polishing

    Face Bleach $20
    Herbal Bleach $20
    Neck Or Back Bleach $5
    Arms or Legs Bleach $25
    Full Body Bleach $60
    Face Polish (Face and Neck with Exfoliation) $30



  • Cuts

    We offer all kinds of hair cuts customized according to your needs. Choose a style from our catalogs or just explain us what you are looking for and let us do what's right for you.

    Any Cut + Shampoo + Blow Dry Setting $50
    Wet Hair Cut (With/Without Shampoo) $30/$35
    Hair Color (Roots only) + Shampoo (Blow Dry Setting $10 extra) $50
    Hair Color (Full) + Shampoo (Blow Dry Setting $10 extra) $60 & Up
    Hair Cut + Color + Shampoo + Blowdry Setting $75 & Up
    Shampoo only $5-$10
    Shampoo + Blow Dry Setting $35
    Kids Hair Cut (Below age 12) $15
  • Colors & Henna

    Henna is organic way of coloring hair which is known for centuries in many countries. Henna is made with pure oraganic plant leaves, stems and some other natural extracts. Henna is known to provide superior Conditioning & Coloring properties to hair also strengthens roots, reduces hair fall and dandruff.

    Herbal Henna $35/$40/$45
    Herbal Henna + Shampoo (Blowdry setting $10 extra) $55 & Up
    Conditioning Henna + Shampoo + Blow Dry Setting $45 & Up
    Hair Coloring + Shampoo + Blow Dry Setting $45 & Up
    Hair Conditioning $10
    Foil Hilites (Blowdry setting extra) $7 Each Foil
    Cap Hilites (Blowdry setting extra) $50
    Hot Oil Massage $30
    Hot Oil Massage + Steam + Pack + Shampoo + Blow Dry $50
  • Hair Styling & Straightening

    All Kinds of Updos $45 & Up
    Blow dry Setting $25 & Up
    Flat Iron Straightening $30 & Up

    Perm $100

    Japanese Straightening $250 & Up
    XPress Keratin Treatment $100 & Up
    Keratin Treatment $250 & Up



  • Bridal Makeup

    Shalini is well known for her exceptional bridal makeup services as she constantly updates herself with all the latest trends by attending most of the workshops offered by top of the line Canadian and American makeup product manufacturing companies.

    Here at Shalini's we offer complete bridal makeup package that includes taking care of each and every minute detail of the bride's Looks & Dressing from start to end of the Wedding and Reception.

    We believe in our work so much that we request you come down for a bridal trial well ahead of the wedding, so that we work with you on every detail of your Looks and Dressing. This way you can see yourself exactly how you are going to look like on your very special day. And we accept a deposit only based on your complete satisfaction during the trial.

    We offer all kinds of Day and Night Party makeups customized for any occassion. We have lots of options to choose from one of our makeup catalogs Or you can discuss with us for your personalized looks that are just right for you. We request you to plan ahead a little bit and call in to discuss about all of your makeup needs.

    Why Us?
    * Exclusive Professional Makeup, Hair, Styling & Jewelry Setup Services
    * Years of refined and updated skills, so many happy customers over the years
    * We use only top of the line luxury products
    * We offer trial before commitment
    * Camera friendly HD makeup
  • Arangetram/Party/Sweet Sixteen/ Half-Saree/Other Ceremony Makeup

    We understand that, years of your devoted practice and hardwork makes you ready for your final ultimate showcase of your art and we promise you the peace of mind in terms of taking care of your looks and dressing on your Arangetram day.

    Shalini herself is a student of Purnima Surya, well understands what makes you look extradinary during your Photoshoot and during the Performance in various traditional costumes and makeups.

    We have provided Arangetram makeup services to many students of Jasmin Shah and others.

    We provide the list of things you would need for the makeup & dressing and will take care of different makeups & dressing during your Photoshoot at any chosen photo studio. Also we carry the same great service onto your Arangetram day.

    Please plan ahead a little bit and call us to discuss on everything and we are sure that you will feel happy for working with us.

    Why Us?
    * Exclusive Professional Makeup, Hair, Styling & Jewelry Setup Services
    * Years of refined and updated skills, so many happy customers over the years
    * We use only top of the line luxury products
    * We offer trial before commitment
    * Camera friendly HD makeup

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About Shalini's

Shalini's Salon & Spa is owned and operated by Shalini , who is an MA state licensed cosmetologist and a certified beautician from popular Indian cosmetology schools. Shalini is well known to many happy west Boston customers for over 15 years.

About Shalini:

  • Got trained at Nalini & Yasmin's, Mumbai when she was very young and then at Shahnaz Hussain's, New Delhi.

    Her gurus Nalini, Yasmin are considered as hair styling legends in India. Shahnaz Hussain owns India's best selling Skin Care & Makeup product line now.
  • Shalini is a certified Kerala Dhara therapist.
  • Worked for five star spas and salons in India for more than four years.
  • Worked for local Boston spas before starting her own.
  • Never missed an opportunity to Learn from Industry's Best Makeup Artists by attending their classes at International Beauty Shows since 2004
  • Many brides in around Boston will speak for her exceptional bridal makeup services. Checkout the Gallery here.
Each customer is very special to me and you get totally customized professional services that are designed just for U.

At Shalinis, you are assured of perfectly blended East & West's best cosmetic services provided to you to suit the best of your needs.

Come down to experience New England's finest Herbal Facials, Threading, Hair and Makeup services and more..